M.O.M.S and Mayor Rawlings-Blake Meet & Speak Healing


About 50 people sat inside the church at 1950 W. North Avenue. Daphne Alston stood at the front of the room. She called them one-by-one. And one-by-one they came to the front of the audience to speak. Each speaker shared a story of loss.

This was a meeting of M.O.M.S. Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters. The organization was founded nearly 8 years ago with the murder of Tariq Alston. His mother and co-founder of the organization, Daphne Alston, turned her pain into a mission- a mission to spread compassion and healing. This, she hopes, will cure the epidemic of crime in across the nation.

Embattled Mayor Stephanie Rawlings was in attendance at this meeting. Rawlings seemed very comfortable among these mothers. She remarked that she had not planned on speaking- her comments were unrehearsed and candid. “People come up to me all the time and say, what are you going to do about this murder problem. They say, the city needs to do this. Or, the city needs to do that. And very often I think to myself, this problem is our problem. Government cannot fix our problem. Only we can fix our problem- this epidemic of murder.”

M.O.M.S seeks to spark a renaissance in communities across the nation. They believe that mothers sharing their intimate stories of heartache and pain can and will make a difference. The M.O.M.S organization now seeks to develop programs to that will make an even bigger difference. M.O.M.S is becoming a 501(c) 3 and will kick-off with an inaugural fundraiser November 14 at New Waverly United Methodist Church. The breakfast fundraiser will be held from 8-11 am. Tickets are only $25.00.

You may contact M.O.M.S at momsagainstmurder@gmail.com or at 443-629-7311. Find out more at www.momsagainstmurder.org

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