"We Speak Up"

“We Speak Up” is a collaborative effort between Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters United, Metro-Crime Stoppers and the local faith community whose goal is fight the anti-snitching culture in Baltimore. We seek partnership with 100 churches that will commit to post large “We Speak Up” signs outside their places of worship. Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters United will distribute information on how to provide anonymous tips and share their stories.
“There are times when there are too few words left to heal us, when what we wish for is to be carried, when all we have left is the hope that tomorrow will be a more gentle place to land than today.” -Unknown

News and Media

M.O.M.S and Mayor Rawlings-Blake Meet & Speak Healing

About 50 people sat inside the church at 1950 W. North Avenue. Daphne Alston stood at the front of the room. She called them one-by-one. And one-by-one they came to the front of the audience to speak. Each speaker shared a story of loss. This was a meeting of M.O.M.S. Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters.

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Racists, hypocrites, and gun nuts. Oh my!

Have you noticed that whenever a Black person speaks up about horrible incidents that has happened to him, some white people say “quit playing the race card.” Then when a horrible incident like what happened today comes along, and some white people are blaming all black people. I’ve seen the most disgusting, racist comments today regarding this shooting. You can see someone’s true character when a horrific event takes place.

When those white men killed people in the movie theatres, minorities did not fly off the handle and blame all white people. All I saw on social media from the black community were prayer requests for the victims’ families. These incidents show the whole world the hypocrisy in this country. The racial divide. The brutality. It’s disgusting!

The only positive thing I’ve read today was discussing gun control. But wait. … why do you want to discuss it now? After…

In the headlines:

Oprah Gives the Charge to Moms & Dads of Murdered Children United

NAACP: Stopping Gun Violence; Urging Strong Support for Safe, Sane & Sensible Gun Violence Prevention Laws

All-too easy access to guns and the resulting gun violence are a major problem in the United States today. In addition to the very high profile and horrific incidents in the towns of Newtown, Columbine, Aurora and Blacksburg, this is especially true in urban and distressed communities and communities of color.

The leading cause of death among African American teens ages 15 to 19 in 2008 and 2009 was gun related homicide. African American children and teens accounted for 45 percent of all child and teen gun deaths in 2008 and 2009 but were only 15 percent of the total child population. Black males ages 15-19 were eight times as likely as White males of the same age and two-and-a-half times as likely as their Hispanic peers to be killed in a gun related homicides in 2009. Current estimates are that there are 270 million guns held by civilians in the United States today. That means there are almost 90 firearms for every 100 men, women and children in the U.S. today.

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Burial of Gabay

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